More English and more personal content?

Recently I thought about blogging mostly or only in English. I remember I once had a short phase when I wanted to blog in English to attract more readers and get some more comments. I didn't work (though I promoted my blog in an international blogging network). I know it's not healthy to do anything just to become more popular. And now I just feel like writing in English (though my skills are not perfect, but who cares...). I'm a follower of personal blogs written in English and really like the blogger's honest and authentic posts. I'd like to write really personal stuff here, too, but I can't. I feel a little paranoid because years ago someone told my parents things that I had published online (it was actually an interpretation of what I had written). Even something "negative" a friend had posted was told to them. It was obvious the person wanted to harm me a little.
I would have to start a new blog with another name to feel more free with my writing but this has been my blog for years now and I want to keep it as my main blog. Furthermore I'd probably still feel paranoid because the more private and 'body&soul' you tell, the more some character types see you as a good target (I remember a very hate-filled comment on a post on someone else's blog that was about their pain disorder).

So let's see if I'll be keeping this blog in English and if that language "helps" me becoming more open ;). Some things, like music or event reviews for example, are easier for me to write in German. Well, it's my blog and can write it the way I want. :)

Arranged flower fields in a park - and the queen of tulips watching them =o)

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