Oh no, a totally different design inspiration!

That's bad: the work on my circus/freak carnival inspired web design is coming to an end (well, I'm only speaking about the graphic part...) and now I've just got some inspiration for a soft winter design. You know, with pastels, frosty effects...oh and what about some steaming hot chocolate animation (don't you steal my idea!!). No, please creative mind, just stop! I've already spent a lot of time on the thing that's opened in my graphic programme for hours (without having really done anything..).
Do I let myself get influenced too easily? I mean, one day (or week, month, season) I prefer this and on the next that. Well, actually I love a few styles in websites (the Wonderland thing, cute gothy romance, baroque-ish...). But for now I need to decide and I think I should choose what's in my graphic programme. ;)

Haha, found an old 'semi-hiatus' winter background, probably from 2007:

I remember negative comments about this. Well, it wasn't my best page design, for sure. Do you find the hidden top model? XD

Heute mal nur ein englischer Eintrag, da ich nun keine Lust mehr habe, den Text zu übersetzen. Wer einigermaßen Englisch kann, versteht sicherlich um was es geht, ansonsten wagt euch mit froher Hoffnung an die Translation.

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